Hello World, I am here to Talk About Stuff or Whatever

ME, I'm not that special

My Names Christopher Anakin Jimenez and there is not much to take about me. I like drawing when I feel like it. Play video games on my spare time, PC or Console.Read comics from time to time. I go on my SurfacePro and watch on Youtube, Netflix, and Funanimation.I go to the gym with my Dad sometimes. I live with my Dad, My Mom, My two younger Brothers, and My Grandma. Another fun fact is I have Autism. My favorite shows are My Hero Academia, Overlord, Gravity Falls, Hilda, Trollhunters, The Avengers Eath's Mighest Heroes, Justice League Animated Series,Spectacular Spider-Man, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Teen Titans(2003, NOT T.T.G), Samurai Jack, Kids Next Door, Avatar: The Last Airbender(and Korra is good), Ed, Edd n Eddy, the grim tales of billy and mandy, and FINALLY Courage the Cowardly Dog. Note to you viewers this is my first website I made so sorry for the Unimaginative Style and Spelling Errors.